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Wellbeing business intelligence

to drive sustainable performance.

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Measure what

you treasure

Tangibal specialises in wellbeing analytics.

Using our smart technology, we measure and report on wellbeing impact and financial return.

This means we can tell you how your people are doing, what initiatives are working for whom, and what strategy to pursue as a result.

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Data-informed decision making

We use data to tell the untold story of wellbeing.

We analyse wellbeing impact through a combination of organisational data and proprietary surveying.

Our dashboard's AI functionality revolutionises analysis. Use natural language queries to uncover in-depth insights.

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Our technology

Tangibal is supported by a machine learning analysis framework that models changes in presenteeism, absenteeism and turnover intention.

The framework allows you to dig into the impact and VROI (Value of Return on Investment) across each of your internal and third party initiatives.

This is done by combining population data, extensive social science research, and subjective surveying of employees.

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Baseline Assessment

The Baseline Assessment is a powerful wellbeing measurement tool. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of your organisation’s current wellbeing landscape. This valuable starting point allows you to track progress over time and make data-driven decisions to support a thriving workforce.

We collaborate with your leadership team to understand your unique context and existing wellbeing initiatives. This enables us to design a customized survey and engagement strategy for maximum participation and genuinely actionable insights.

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What else we offer

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Building on our Baseline assessment, providing two measurement points over a three-month period.

Track changes in employee wellbeing, pinpoint the impact of your initiatives, and gain early insights into emerging issues for proactive adjustments.

Evaluating new strategies


Optimise your wellbeing initiatives year-round, gain continuous insights into evolving employee needs.

This allows you to adapt programmes quickly, demonstrating commitment to improvement and fostering a culture where wellbeing is an ongoing priority.

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Organisational data analysis

We go beyond surveys to unlock the full potential of your data.

Our exploratory analysis dives deep into your existing HR and engagement metrics, revealing hidden patterns that directly impact employee wellbeing.

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Wellbeing analytics

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We set out to gain a better understanding of the role of wellbeing measurement from those on the front line, and to explore the challenges, opportunities and limitations posed by the introduction of analytics to the wellbeing industry.

To do this we conducted a series of interviews with leading voices from the wellbeing movement in the UK, including clients, consultants and wellbeing service providers.



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George Bell

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Dr Lauren Dawson

Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Head of Programme Development

We founded Tangibal with a clear vision: to give organisational leadership teams access to in-depth data on the procurement and impact of employee-focused wellbeing interventions.

Our aim is to provide stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions about what wellbeing solutions are required and where they're needed most. Ultimately, this ensures employees have access to programmes that make a real, measurable difference.

The wellbeing industry is at a crossroads; mounting evidence suggests current investments aren't producing desired results. This poses a real danger of future budget cuts unless we can definitively demonstrate the impact of wellbeing initiatives – that's where Tangibal comes in. We help organisations realise tangible reductions in poor mental health, absenteeism, and attrition.

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